IWD: ‘Men Have Failed This Generation, I Hope A Woman Becomes President Of Nigeria — PDP Chair


The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Umar Damagum, shared his optimistic vision, expressing his prayer and hope that a woman will eventually rise to the presidency of Nigeria.

The PDP National Chairman noted that men have let down the current generation of Nigerians.

Naijaonpoint reports that Damagum, through PDP National Secretary, Samuel Anyanwu, made this statement during the party’s International Women’s Day celebration at its headquarters in Abuja.

IWD is a global event celebrating women’s achievements and promoting gender equality in social, economic, cultural, and political spheres.

Celebrated on March 8th annually, International Women’s Day fosters diverse activities worldwide, uniting communities to acknowledge women’s accomplishments and advocate for their rights to equality, with the United Nations’ official theme designated as ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.’

The PDP’s sub-theme, “Empowering Women and Girls for Political Leadership,” stems from the critical call and drive for enhanced female involvement in politics.

Damagum underscored the vital role of mothers and women, asserting its irrefutable significance, and emphasized the PDP as the only party enabling opportunities for women’s advancement.

PDP National Chairman stated, “The significance of mothers and the role of women cannot be overstated. Let me be sincere with you, I pray and hope that, even if not in our generation, one day a woman will become the president of this country. I say this with utmost sincerity and from the depth of my heart because I believe that the men have failed this generation.

“In politics, that’s why the founding fathers of PDP recognise the importance of women. Today, in Nigeria, no matter how you look at it, PDP is the most democratic party in Nigeria and Africa. 

“It’s the only party that provides women with the opportunity to aspire to any position without having to buy any form. We do this to encourage women.