“Jesus had long hair” – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo reveals why dreadlocks are not a sin

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In a new development, popular pastor, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, has shared his opinion on Christians who are against a lot of things.

He revealed that a lot of Christians believe that dreadlock is unholy and even resort to cutting it because of that.

However, he expressed that Jesus was a Nazarene, which means that he likely had long hair. He a stated that a lot of Christians also believe that a woman who wears trousers is evil and men who wear skirts are evil.

However, he hinted at the fact that Jesus had probably worn gown-like garments due to his Jewish ancestries. In his words, he had this to say,

“Some Christians still think dreadlocks is unholy and skin cut is holy, they don’t know Jesus was a Nazarine and likely had long hair

Some think skirt is holy for women and trousers are e il and for men they are good, they don’t know that Jesus was Jewish and probably wore gownlike garments

Should I talk about tattoos, lipstick, “prosperity message”, music and other things that make religious people angry??

Anyway let’s major on the majors and not on the minors and stop the religious police work that no one appointed you to do.”

Now, let’s also recall that Kemi Filani had reported that Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, back in November of 2023, cautioned women to be careful about putting marriage above God.

In a tweet, he revealed that a lot of women put marriage before everything else, including their relationship with God.

He stressed on the importance of a woman having her own personal happiness, before she can truly be happy in marriage.