Kano Govt Confirms Buying 41 ‘Exotic’ SUVs For Lawmakers

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The Kano State Government has confirmed the purchase of 41 ‘exotic’ SUVs, each costing N68 million, for members of the State House of Assembly.

The State Government, through the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Shehu Wada Sagagi, conceded that it is the lawmakers’ right to receive well-functioning vehicles.

According to Daily Post, credible sources revealed that Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf was initially reluctant to purchase vehicles for the lawmakers, but principal officers of the Assembly persuaded him, citing their need for new cars.

The lawmakers are reported to have already received the SUVs, amounting to approximately N2.6 billion.

According to the Chief of Staff, the governor, taking the economic situation into account, instructed that the contractor be made aware of the necessity to spread the payment over time.

Sagagi emphasized that the governor’s actions are rooted in respect for governmental rights and obligations, with a commitment to the well-being of all government branches and the people of the state.

A senior lawmaker, speaking anonymously, defended the SUV purchases, arguing that despite the country’s economic challenges, the vehicles are essential for facilitating oversight functions and other legislative duties.

In response to controversy trailing the purchase of the vehicles, he said, ‘’Why are you making a mountain out of a mole hill on the purchase of new vehicles for lawmakers? Previous administrations in the state did the same thing.