Labour Party Governorship Candidates Advocate For Party Restructuring Ahead Of 2027 Elections

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The Labour Party‘s Forum of Gubernatorial Candidates 2023/2024 has demanded the party’s restructuring and realignment in anticipation of the 2027 elections.

At the forum held in Abuja, candidates from different states came together to emphasize the party’s need to adapt to modern requirements and challenges to strengthen its significance and efficiency in Nigerian politics.

In a communique issued on Monday, the forum called for the urgent convening of party congresses at all levels.

Eight candidates from various states signed the document: Udengs Eradiri (Bayelsa State), Ken Pela (Delta State), Beatrice Itubo (Rivers State), Chijioke Edeoga (Enugu State), Adedjo Desmond Okeme (Kogi State), Keftin Esau Amuga (Gombe State), Joseph Ewuga (Nassarawa State), and Jonathan Asake (Kaduna State).

These signatories described the congresses as a crucial move in reshaping and realigning the Labour Party for the upcoming 2027 elections.

The forum also condemned the divisive activities of factions within the Labour Party, particularly the Lamidi Apapa faction, while also addressing internal challenges.

The communique partly reads, “The Forum urgently calls for the quick and imminent convening of the party congresses at all levels. This is pivotal for the total restructuring and repositioning of the Labour Party geared toward 2027, aligning it with contemporary needs and challenges.

“We emphasize the critical importance of this event in rejuvenating our party and ensuring that it remains a formidable force for positive change in Nigeria.

“We express our strong disapproval of the divisive activities of these factions, which only serve to undermine the unity and progress of our party. We urge all members to rally behind the leadership of the party and to reject any attempts at division. We also reprimand the press for giving undue coverage to the illegal activities of these factions and their members, which can harm the reputation and integrity of the Labour Party.

The gubernatorial candidates also expressed deep concern over Nigeria’s current state of insecurity and economic hardship, advocating for urgent and concerted efforts to address these issues.

They called on the government to prioritize the safety and well-being of Nigerians, emphasizing the need for policies that promote economic growth, social welfare, and national stability.

The gubernatorial candidates voiced profound worry regarding Nigeria’s prevailing insecurity and economic challenges, urging immediate and collaborative actions to tackle these pressing issues.

They urged the government to prioritize the safety and welfare of Nigerians, stressing the necessity for policies fostering economic growth, social welfare, and national stability.