Lagos NAWOJ Laments High Cost Of Food Items, Appeal To State Governments To Intervene

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Communique by the Nigeria Association Of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Lagos State Chapter on the state of the Nation at its May Congress on Saturday 18/5/2024

1. Appeal to federal and state governments to intervene on the high cost of food items. Everything has skyrocketed, the masses are suffering, women and children are so much affected. Government should find a way out to ameliorate this.

2. Mothers should know that things are not the way it used to be, show understanding, plan the family, support and bring the children into it. Adopt planning in everything you do.

3. The metrological agency predicted that there will be heavy rain this year
and we are already seeing it. Lagos is one of the state that will be affected. Government should do all that they have to do to clear the drainages and safeguard the life of people.

4. Power: Electricity tariffs should be sorted out, people should know which of the bands they are in. The hours and prices should also commensurate the bands to better the life of people.

5. Drug abuse among our youths is so heartbreaking, it is getting on the increase daily. Government should find a way out to curb this menace in the society in order to have a healthy generation.

Communique drafting committee

Abiodun Azi
Chizoba Anuforom

Lilian Ario
Secretary NAWOJ