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LASG unveils two-year plan to install CCTV cameras at transport hubs, bus stops 

The Lagos State Government has unveiled plans to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at key transportation points, including interchanges, bus stops, freight yards, and taxi parks, over the next two years. 

This initiative is detailed in the recently released Lagos State Transport Policy, which outlines a series of actions adopted by the government to address the city’s interrelated mobility challenges and achieve its transportation goals. 

Section 4.5 of the policy, which focuses on traffic management, highlights the increased use of CCTV cameras at key transportation points across the state.  

This is one of several strategic traffic management initiatives the government plans to implement within the next two years, starting immediately. 

“Install CCTV at all transport interchanges, stations/bus stops/taxi ranks, at freight yards and aboard vehicles; and in the vicinity of interchanges,” a portion of Table Increased Use of CCTV, read. 

According to the policy, this system will ultimately improve the commuter experience, reduce travel times, and enhance road safety across the state, making Lagos a model for urban transportation management. 

Regarding the operation of these CCTV cameras and similar tools, the policy notes that the Lagos State Government, in collaboration with the Nigerian Police, will establish the Lagos Transport Police (LTP) within two years. This new unit will play a critical role in enhancing the security and efficiency of Lagos’ transportation system.