Latest Update on FG 150k Grant to Small Business ( March 2024)

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Latest Update on FG 150k Grant to Small Business

In March 2024, over 17,000 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and traders in Ogun State received a monumental boost through various grant announcements and initiatives by both the Federal and State Governments. Aimed at empowering local businesses, these efforts are set to catalyze economic development within the state.

The MSMEs Clinic and Grant Announcements

During the Second Expanded National MSMEs Business Clinic in Abeokuta, significant announcements were made to address and mitigate challenges faced by MSMEs, paving the way for innovative solutions and sustainable growth.

Detailed Breakdown of the FG Grants March 2024

Grants for Adire Entrepreneurs

Vice President Kashim Shettima announced an N100,000 grant for each of the 200 entrepreneurs at the Modern Adire Shared Facility, alongside a one-year rent waiver, emphasizing the federal commitment to fostering entrepreneurial success.

Business Clinic Exhibitors’ Grant

An additional N150,000 grant was offered to each exhibitor at the Business Clinic, reinforcing the government’s support for thriving MSMEs under President Bola Tinubu’s leadership.

Ogun State’s Commitment to MSMEs Growth

The N2 Billion Conditional Grant Program

Governor Dapo Abiodun unveiled a comprehensive N2 billion grant program aimed at supporting 12,000 MSMEs and SMEs, highlighting a robust strategy to enhance financial accessibility for local businesses.

Supporting Market Women and Students

With a vision to broaden the spectrum of support, grants for market women and educational grants for students were also announced, underlining a multi-faceted approach to empowerment.

Enhancing the Business Environment in Ogun State

Through initiatives such as improved access to finance, land rebates, infrastructure development, and security measures, the state government is laying a solid foundation for a conducive business ecosystem.

Launch of the Ogun State SME Industrial Park

The introduction of a 1,000-hectare SME Industrial Park stands as a testament to Ogun State’s commitment to providing valuable resources and opportunities for MSME growth.

Positive Reactions and Anticipated Outcomes

The initiatives have been warmly received by the business community, with leaders from OPSN and ASBON commending the timely interventions expected to spur government revenue and sustainable economic prosperity.


The 150k FG Grant and accompanying initiatives mark a significant step towards bolstering the MSME sector in Ogun State, promising a brighter future for local businesses and the state’s economy.



  1. What is the aim of the 150k FG Grant announced in March 2024? The 150k FG Grant, unveiled in March 2024, aims to empower over 17,000 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and traders in Ogun State. By providing financial support through grants and initiating various developmental programs, the Federal and State Governments seek to stimulate economic growth, enhance business sustainability, and foster a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem within the state.
  2. Who are eligible for the N100,000 grant for Adire entrepreneurs? The N100,000 grant is targeted at entrepreneurs working within the Modern Adire Shared Facility in Ogun State. These individuals must be engaged in the production of Adire, a traditional Yoruba textile. Eligible entrepreneurs are those who utilize the facility’s modern tailoring machines and are part of the initiative to revitalize and modernize the Adire industry.
  3. What benefits does the Ogun State SME Industrial Park offer to businesses? The Ogun State SME Industrial Park offers a multitude of benefits designed to support the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises. These benefits include access to land at lower market rates, certificates of occupancy for land ownership security, and various tax and land use charge rebates. These initiatives aim to reduce operational costs, provide a secure and stable environment for businesses, and ultimately encourage industrial growth and expansion.
  4. How can MSMEs in Ogun State access the N2 billion conditional grant? MSMEs in Ogun State can access the N2 billion conditional grant by participating in the state’s grant program, designed to support a specific number of MSMEs and SMEs. Eligible businesses must meet certain criteria set by the Ogun State government, which may include business size, sector, and operational history. Applicants are likely required to submit documentation proving their eligibility, such as business registration details, proof of operation in Ogun State, and other relevant information. Further details on the application process can be obtained through the state’s official communication channels or directly from the government offices responsible for the grant distribution.
  5. What are the anticipated outcomes of these government initiatives for the local economy? The anticipated outcomes of these government initiatives include increased economic activity, enhanced business sustainability, and job creation within Ogun State. By providing financial support and creating a more conducive environment for business operations, these initiatives are expected to attract more investments, encourage entrepreneurship, and stimulate the growth of the MSME sector. Ultimately, these efforts are geared towards achieving a more robust and sustainable state economy, with improved revenue generation for both the government and the private sector.