Level up your gaming with the Meta Quest 2 for $200

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Right now Amazon has a deal on the Meta Quest 2 where you can pick up the VR headset for just $200. The headset regularly costs $250 but $50 is being slashed off the price tag to make it an even better value. This deal is for the headset and the controllers only, but Amazon also offers a few different bundles that come with extras.

If you’re looking to get into VR for the first time, the Quest 2 is a great place to start. In fact it’s an excellent entry into VR for a few reasons. But let’s start with the basics. It’s super easy to use. There are no wires or cables needed. You don’t have to plug the headset in at all and that range of freedom means you can use this anywhere in the house. You don’t have to be tethered to your PC. There’s also pretty good support for games and apps. You’ll find tons of stuff to play on the Quest 2, including some big titles like Resident Evil 4.

It’s also possible to use the Quest 2 for Steam VR games through an app that lets you connect to your Steam library wirelessly. You can buy the Link cable for this too. But in keeping with the theme of wireless play, this allows the Quest 2 to stay versatile. And it further opens up the range of stuff you can play.

Another really neat feature is that you designate a play space when you set up your Quest 2 headset. And you can always designate new ones. Part of the reason the Quest 2 works so well is because of this setup feature. In designating a play space, the Quest 2 knows when you’ve reached its limits. So you don’t accidentally leave the space and bump into stuff.

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