“Living on a tracheostomy tube was not a joke” – Toyin Lawani recalls living with tracheostomy tube, as she shares nude photo to reveal scar

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  • Toyin Lawani, a fashion stylist, shares her experience with a degenerative spine and how living on a tracheostomy tube brought her closer to God.
  • The mother of three shared a lengthy Instagram post announcing her upcoming birthday celebration on March 1.
  • Toyin Lawani, also known as Tiannah, has experienced a challenging year, experiencing immense shattered, broken, and bedridden state.

Toyin Lawani, a fashion stylist, has spoken about her battle with a degenerative spine, claiming that living with a tracheostomy tube brought her closer to God.

The mother of three shared a lengthy post on Instagram while counting down to her birthday celebration on Friday, March 1.

Toyin Lawani, popularly known as Tiannah, stated that the past year has been difficult for her, as she has been shattered, broken, and bedridden beyond comprehension.

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Toyin Lawani uploaded a nude picture of herself with her scars and captioned:

“Living on a tracheostomy tube was not a joke, Which brought me closer to God & I learnt valuable lessons about resilience, hope, strength & power of true friendships.

But through it all I wake up smiling like I have no worries cause I knw I will be giving someone hope, Even while my heart Bleeds out.

I’m ready to mend others, still on that journey of acceptance, But through it all, one thing remains clear, Taking time to focus on my health &well-being, I am reminded of the importance of self-care, self-love, & the need to prioritize what truly matters in life.

“I’m committed to emerging from this stronger, wiser, & more empowered than ever before, As I embark on this journey of healing& self-discovery, Whether it’s through ur kind words, ur encouragement, or ur prayers, ur support means the world to me & I am eternally grateful for each& every one of you, Putting smiles on peoples faces is my favourite thing & I pray to continue to do so. Losing my voice was a huge setback for me. Not breathing well daily, opened my eyes to a lot we also take for granted in life.

Toyin also stated that she is devoted to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

“Today is promised tomorrow is not. Touch has much soul as you can while you are still here, I know normally my birthdays, February we would have started countdown. But trust me I don’t even have the strength, As I embark on this journey of healing and self-discovery.

“I will focus on launching my own wellness initiatives to partnering with organizations that promote health& healing while creating awareness for rear diseases, I am committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others as usual & spreading love and positivity wherever I go.”