Logitech G Pro X 60 Review: It just might help you win

Logitech’s G brand makes some truly excellent gaming accessories, and its latest, the Pro X 60 keyboard, has been a delight to review so far. While I typically don’t like compact 60% form factor keyboards as much, using the Pro X 60 was not as much of a pain as I thought it would be. In fact, using it hasn’t been a pain at all. I’ve genuinely enjoyed my time with it. And that’s saying something when it comes from someone who has been a staunch supporter of the TKL form factor gaming keyboards for quite some time.

Over the past week or two, I have been using the Pro X 60 for everything from typing during the workday to playing my favorite games. I even wrote this review on the Pro X 60. And although there was a tad bit of a learning curve for me, it didn’t take long for me to settle into a groove. That is to say that even though I had to get used to keys with doubled-up functions, the Pro X 60 quickly became something that felt like second nature to me. In all honesty, the most challenging part was getting used to the confined space of all the keys.

I still sometimes find myself hitting the wrong keys because things are closer together than I’m used to on average. But it’s happening a lot less than it was on day one. So all-in-all, a pretty good experience. On top of that, there is so much functionality here to help improve your gaming experience, and potentially your skills, that it’s hard to not overlook the little things. With all of that said, is it worth your hard-earned money? Should you go for something else? Let’s dive into this review and see how the Logitech G Pro X 60 holds up.

Logitech G Pro X 60 Review: Hardware & Design

Logitech’s G brand is a master when it comes to hardware and design for its peripherals. And a big part of that is sitting down to gather input from pro players to see what they like and what can help them play at their best. After gathering feedback, Logitech goes to work to engineer something that a pro player can be proud to use and feel confident that it isn’t going to hinder their chances at victory. In fact, Logitech says it even worked with pro players throughout the entire process. Culminating in what is now the Pro X 60.

Two genius features that greatly improve the gaming experience

I’ve been pretty impressed with loads of details. But two things in particular with the hardware and design capture my attention more than anything else. These are the Game Mode switch and the side placement of the volume roller. On just about every other gaming keyboard that has a volume roller, you’ll see it typically in the top right corner. This is fine and there’s nothing really wrong with putting it in this location. However, Logitech looked at what Pro players do and how they play. And one thing it noticed is that many of them play with the volume up at max.

This isn’t good for your ears and can leave you with hearing problems over time. So what Logitech did is place the volume slider on the left side of the keyboard. Just within range of your pinky so you can adjust it as needed. The idea here was to have it close enough for pro players to turn up the volume at critical moments. Like when needing to hear footsteps to clinch a 1v4 win at the end of a match. Because of this side placement, you can reach the volume and max it out for those few moments. Then turn it back down to a manageable level that isn’t going to contribute to damaging your hearing.

This is such a smart move for anyone who plays competitive PvP games. Because the last thing you want is to move your fingers off of crucial keys. I found this a little hard to reach personally at first. But I got more used to it the more I tried playing with it. I just have shorter fingers. So it wasn’t as easy to hit for me initially. Then there’s the game mode switch. What this does is disable the Windows key so you can’t accidentally hit it and pull yourself out of your active game window. There’s nothing worse than being in the heat of the moment and then hitting the Windows key and messing up your game.

The Game Mode switch, placed on the right side of the keyboard, simply disables the Windows key. And that’s all it needs to do. This is a problem I myself have experienced numerous times. And it’s always such a frustrating thing to have happen. Of course, you can only be mad at yourself. Because it was your mistake. So this was just such a nice thing to have Logitech put attention to detail into. I now have been turning it on every single time I play games and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The cool thing is you can configure other keys in the G Hub app to be disabled when you flip this switch. I didn’t need anything else disabled so I left it as is. But your needs might be different, and I thought this was a thoughtful decision because it’ll be more customizable to tailor to different needs or tastes.

Portability is key here

Since this was made with Pro players in mind, portability was a crucial factor. Logitech wanted to make something that players could easily toss into their bags without taking up too much space. As players expressed liking compact keyboards but some have lacked useful functions. It’s so easy to just stuff this into a backpack if you’re traveling to a tournament and have lots of extra room for other stuff. Beyond that, it’s really put together well. It uses a metal top plate with a nice plastic frame around the edges.

Logitech also packs this with a semi-hard shell case for travel. So you can keep it protected. This is more or less the same kind of case Logitech packed with the Pro X keyboard, and it has spots for not just the keyboard itself, but the USB-C cable and a couple of other little things.

What I really loved is the small little compartment on the underside of the keyboard that holds the Lightspeed USB adapter. This way you don’t have to worry about losing it if you take it places.

Switch options

As with many gaming keyboards Logitech is giving you an option between different types of switches. There are two options with the Pro X 60 and these are GX Optical Tactile switches or the GX Optical Linear switches. Linear switches are going to be quieter and deliver less noise after keystrokes. Whereas tactile will be somewhat quieter than some more traditional mechanical switches, but you’ll still get that satisfying click. Tactile switches also have more instant feedback. I’m reviewing the model with the GX Optical Linear switches and they feel really good.

There’s still a slight click but it’s less pronounced and therefore a little bit quieter. Which is useful when I’m sitting here all day typing away at stuff. This is mostly a preference thing but I like knowing that my clicking and clacking at the keyboard for hours on end during the day isn’t going to bother or annoy anyone else who might be here and within earshot of the noise. That being said, if that isn’t a concern for you and you prefer tactile, go with the tactile. Both are rated for about 50 million keystrokes. And while I am nowhere near hitting that limit, I wouldn’t expect to be for many years to come.

You can’t hot-swap these switches so if you ever needed to replace them, it would take some user-repairable expertise or you’d need to send the keyboard in. Luckily, I don’t foresee that being much of a problem. The only downside that might be here is that people who prefer a specific type of switch can’t put them on this keyboard.

Logitech G Pro X 60 Review: Features

One of the best things Logitech has ever added to its wireless keyboards is the dual connectivity. Just like with my favorite Logitech gaming keyboard, the 915 TKL, the Pro X 60 can connect to both Bluetooth and the Lightspeed wireless adapter. To make things even better, there are buttons on the 915 TKL keyboard to immediately switch between those connections. So you can connect something to the Lightspeed adapter and a different device to Bluetooth, then tap a dedicated button to hop between connected devices on the fly.

The Pro X 60 offers these too, with these buttons placed on the backside of the plastic frame next to the charging port. I don’t use this often but when I do, it’s nice to quickly pop over to the second device. Like when I need a keyboard for my Steam Deck. I can keep the Pro X 60 connected to my PC with the adapter, and then connect to the Steam Deck with Bluetooth. Then move back and forth as needed. The big features, of course, are the G Shift functions and the KEYCONTROL. KEYCONTROL is Logitech’s new feature they’ve built into the Pro X 60.

Because this is a 60% form factor keyboard, there are fewer keys physically. To get around losing those extra keys, Logitech developed KEYCONTROL. This feature allows you to set multiple functions per key so you don’t have to lose all of the functions that you would want access to in your games. You can assign up to 15 functions per key too. So you really do have a lot of customization. This is where G Shift comes in. G Shift lets you swap between the sets of assigned inputs. So you have your main set of functions and then if you need another set, you hit the G Shift key to move to the next set.

For me, this took practice to become familiar with it. As I initially found it challenging to work it into my normal everyday gameplay. But to use a keyboard like this optimally, you need the G Shift. Again, this is designed for pro players. So this is something that more casual gamers, or those that just don’t play games at a professional competitive level, may not use as often. But those who want to up their game will want to spend some time getting to know this feature in the G Hub software. Because it’s going to make all the difference in how the keyboard feels and performs. Which in turn, is going to impact how you perform as well.

I have noticed my gameplay become a little better after using it. Though I have to admit, I do feel like my skills tanked a bit at first while I learned how to use KEYCONTROL and G Shift properly. Once you get past that hump, it’s more or less smooth sailing.


For those who put in the time to learn how to use them, these features are game-changing. And honestly, I can see how anyone who perfects them would see their skills increase by a significant amount. If you like to win and you actively seek to improve your gameplay skills, KEYCONTROL and G Shift are how you can improve. You just have to spend the time tinkering with what functions to map to which keys. Then practice playing using those functions. Like most things, practice makes perfect. And Logitech has come up with a really elegant system for helping players play at their best.

That being said, not everyone is going to find these features a cakewalk. For me, I’m not used to flipping between function sets. I have one function per key on my other main keyboard. I just make sure every function I need is set to a specific key. And I’ve been playing like that for so long, it was hard for me to get used to doubling or tripling up functions. What helped me get used to it faster than I probably would have is how Final Fantasy XIV is set up for controller players. In this MMO, you have a specific set of in-game functions on your main set, and then you can switch between sets with the R1 trigger up top.

I was already familiar with the concept of swapping to a new set of functions for the same key. So I just tried to keep this in mind when practicing with KEYCONTROL and G Shift. Again, you’ll set all these up in the G Hub app. So it’s best to become familiar with that software as well.

Logitech G Pro X 60 Review: Battery Life

Battery life is always a concern for me with wireless keyboards, although most tend to have decent enough battery life that I’m not charging it every couple of days. With the Pro X 60 I have typically been getting about 4-5 days out of it. There is potential for some variance though. When I first got it, I charged it all the way up, then began using it and I didn’t have to plug it in for about 5 days. The second week, however, it’s been 3 days and it’s already down to 29%. I have been using it more for PC gaming in this second week so that is contributing to some of the heavier battery drain.

I also have the key lighting at 50% brightness. It goes up to 75%. You should be able to get more battery life out of this keyboard than I did by turning this down to 25% brightness or by just turning the lighting off entirely. What’s cool is that G Hub gives you another way to help manage battery life too. Inside the G Hub software, head into settings where you can adjust the lighting brightness. Just above the brightness level option, there’s an option for setting the lighting to a ‘dim active effect’ after a certain period of time. This is what it should be on by default.

Below the brightness level, there’s the option to set how long you want the keyboard to be inactive before the backlights dim. I have had this set at 5 minutes the entire time. But, you can push this down to 1 minute so the keys aren’t as bright for as long. You can also lessen the time it takes for the lights to turn off completely. For me, this was set at 15 minutes but you can push this down to 1 minute as well. So something like dimming after 1 minute and turning off completely after 5 minutes would be a good balance.

If you ever deplete the battery life (and G Hub will tell you when the battery is low if you have the app running), you can simply plug the keyboard in. You can still continue to use it in this wired state. Additionally, using the keyboard via Bluetooth should extend the battery life as well. This won’t be as latency-free as the Lightspeed connection though, so keep that in mind. Overall, battery life is great and about what I expected. In short, no complaints.

Logitech G Pro X 60 Review: G Hub Software

This is where you control, customize, and adjust all the things that have to do with your Pro X 60 Keyboard. You can set all the familiar stuff that’s here for most of Logitech’s other keyboards. Such as the lighting options I mentioned before that can help with battery life. But specifically for this keyboard, you also use G Hub to set up and manage your KEYCONTROL settings. To find this you’ll open up G Hub, click on the Pro X 60 Keyboard, and then click on the Assignments button which is the second option, just below lighting.

If you’ve never used any of these kinds of functions before, spend some time playing around with this menu. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple. Now since KEYCONTROL will let you assign up to 15 functions per key, you can imagine that this can get pretty complex. I didn’t take things that far and really only set mine up to have just a couple of functions per key. What I did was use the KEYCONTROL feature to assign my 6-0 keys to my 1-5 keys. So in games like Final Fantasy XIV or other MMOs, all those ability keys up top are now doubled up on just five keys.

This makes it a lot easier to reach everything. Because I didn’t have to move my hand away from the WASD keys. All I had to do was hit the G Shift command to activate my second KEYCONTROL set. This is default to the FN + A keys. This was impossible to reach for me without taking my right hand off the mouse. So I simply mapped one of my mouse buttons to the FN key. This way I could move between sets on the fly and execute abilities quickly without taking my hands off the movement keys or mouse.

I found this feature on the keyboard to be great because now I can hit all ten keys while only reaching just five. Obviously, you can set things up that are way more complex than this. You can even set up KEYCONTROL for non-gaming tasks and issue multiple commands in succession. Again, I didn’t get this deep into it, at least not yet. It is nice that you can do this though. And it’ll be a huge benefit for loads of players. To do things like setting off multiple in-game commands, you’ll need to set up macros. If you’re going this deep into the customization, however, you might as well go the extra mile and make some macros as well.

As always the G Hub software is easy and intuitive and these new features make this a powerful keyboard for players of any skill level. And as an added bonus, the software isn’t bothersome with constant updates. A big win in my book.

Should you buy the Logitech G Pro X 60 keyboard?

AH Logitech G Pro X 60 Review (2)AH Logitech G Pro X 60 Review (2)

Like anything we review, the Logitech G Pro X 60 keyboard isn’t going to be for everyone. Some prefer larger keyboard layouts while some just want something simple to use for casual gaming. There’s no debating though that the Pro X 60 is a powerful keyboard. One that has the capability to help you win more games. If you play multiplayer titles and need an advantage, it’s hard to ignore all the advantages you get with the Pro X 60. I would urge anyone to give this keyboard a shot if they want something to help them level up their skills. Even if they’re not a fan of 60% keyboards.

Logitech has given players the tools to really slay out here. All you have to do is practice with its advanced functions. And trust me, it’s worth it. Even with the simple setup I have begun with.

Buy the Logitech G Pro X 60 if:

  • You want a keyboard with advanced gaming features
  • Portability is a huge factor for you
  • You want a high-quality gaming keyboard

Don’t buy the Logitech G Pro X 60 if:

  • You want something more affordable
  • You want something simpler
  • You’d prefer a larger form factor like TKL or full-size keyboards