Massive Moto Razr 50 image leak: 75 hi-res images, all colors

Moto RAZR 50 Hi Res All Colors 1 jpg.webp

The upcoming Moto Razr 50 from Motorola has leaked every which way from Sunday it seems, including a wide variety of images and specs, and now a massive set of hi-res images has leaked showing the phone from every conceivable angle in all colors.

If you were curious what the phone would look like from the front, back, sides, folded, unfolded, etc. well then look no further. Because this is about as close as you’re going to get to seeing it look this good. Short of holding the phone in your hands yourself.

Similar to the Moto Razr 50 Ultra leak from earlier, the Moto Razr 50 will come in three color options and it’ll have a full-color cover display. So even though it won’t be as expensive, it isn’t losing this larger front cover display. For consumers who don’t want to spend the extra money, they can still get the bigger cover display for showing more notifications and other details. In terms of cost, nothing is official as of yet. However, a leak from earlier this month suggests that the phone will come in one storage variant of 256GB with 8GB of RAM, and cost about €899 or about $970.

The phone should also be running on Android 14.

The Moto Razr 50 will come in three colors

Judging by the images (courtesy of Evan Blass), the phone will come in orange, dark gray, and champagne gold or khaki colors. These are obviously not the official names for those colors, but it is a close approximation of what colors they are. In addition to the colors, the leaked images are in such high detail, that you can make out the textured patterns on the back of the device. Both the champagne gold and orange colors appear to have leather backs while the dark gray color seems to have an almost sandstone-like texture. Similar to some of the phones from OnePlus.

All three phones should feature a nice grip when holding in them in the hands specifically because of these textures. They also add a bit of style to the design. The leaked images also further confirm that the phone will come with a dual rear camera setup, which acts as the front-facing camera when the phone is folded closed.

There’s still no word on an exact release date or what the official cost in the US will be. But with images like this making their way out, a launch probably isn’t too far off.