“May God Deliver You from Unnecessary ‘Delaytionships’” – Pastor Nathaniel Bassey Prays for Singles

nathaniel bassey

Nathaniel Bassey, a Nigerian gospel artist, prays for unmarried men and women to avoid needless delays in relationships and instead seek marital fellowship.

The gospel artist stated that the singles would be devoid of extraneous relationships that may create delays. He prayed that they will be guided into a devoted and blissful marital relationship.

He wrote,

“Dear Singles, may God deliver you from unnecessary “delaytionships” and bring you into godly relationships that will lead to blissful marital fellowships in Jesus’ name. Delaytionship defined: (Aimless, directionless, and purposeless “friendships” that end in disappointment, pain and waste of time)”

He noted the “delaytionships” is a kind of relationship that has no goal leading to heartbreak and waste of time.

The singles on social media, searching for partner are asserting and claiming the gospel artiste prayer point and also warning people from wasting others time.

Reacting to ...

@thearabianspalekki Delaytionships should not even be for just the singles… in life, any relationship that’s not adding value is a waste of time. Disassociate!

@chroniclesofcherrie New word: DELAYTIONSHIP

Example: She was in a relationship for several years 😅

@baba_alagbo_wellness If you know you’re not ready for marriage there’s no reason to be wasting that your partner with genuine intentions time

@zynebani Funny but serious prayer point