Meta aims to enhance classroom learning with a new Quest product

Meta Quest Classroom Education Product scaled.webp

Last week, Meta reintroduced the Lying Down mode to the Meta Quest 3 for uninterrupted use. Now Meta officially confirms that they are working on a new product for the Quest devices, that will make the operation of Meta Quest devices inside the classroom for education more seamless.

The Blog post by Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, informs that the “new product” will enable educators to access a collection of “education-specific apps and features”. Meta dedicates this new product for Quest devices to education, mirroring last year’s dedication of Meta Quest for Business to the workplace.

Meta wants to help teachers with its Quest devices

The goal is to come up with something that utilizes the technology to make classroom learning more intuitive and effective with Meta Quest devices. “We want it to be something that makes it easier for students to learn, apply and practice new skills; feel a sense of presence with teachers and classmates; and to visit places or experience things that would otherwise be impossible,” notes Clegg. He adds that the new product will help teachers

He previously wrote about the use of their products in transforming education. It seems that Meta is continuing to move forward in this direction. “The University of Glasgow is teaching life sciences by placing students inside virtual intestines, to see how the body battles bacteria,” he noted.

Research also shows that learning with virtual reality improves students’ performance, engagement, attendance, and satisfaction. Morehouse College reported that students who learned in VR (like the Meta Quest 3) had an average final test score of 85, versus 78 of students who learned in person in the classroom. A survey by the XR Association also shows that 77% of educators believe these technologies ignite curiosity and improve engagement in class.

The “new product” for Quest devices is coming later this year

As you can probably guess, Meta has yet to reveal the name and specific features of the upcoming product that is possibly under development at this point.

This new product is the result of Meta’s collaboration with educators, researchers, and third-party developers working in the education space around the world. Meta is committed to collaborating with educators, exploring ways to improve their Meta Quest devices, and making them the best virtual reality product in their price range.