Meta layoffs affect over 50 people working at Messenger team

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The tech industry layoffs don’t seem to stop. The industry continues to be in bad shape, and hence the layoffs follow. At Meta, the workers might’ve seen this coming when the company retained the “year of efficiency” policy. This might mean that the company would continue to make restructuring decisions which would also impact jobs. As a part of it, Meta has once again announced layoffs and this time it’s hurting those who were working on the Facebook Messenger team. Notably, this restructuring plan has affected some Instagram employees, as well.

Meta layoffs cut about 50 jobs working at Facebook Messenger team

As per a report from Business Insider, Meta has announced yet another round of layoffs. As a part of it, over 50 jobs were affected in the Meta-owned Facebook Messenger team. Positions related to technical program management (TPM) have been impacted. More importantly, Meta denied comment on the same apart from recalling the “efficiency” drive.

The ongoing efficiency drive, part of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “year of efficiency,” has created a culture shift within Meta, fostering anxiety among workers amidst organizational reorganizations and continual layoffs.

Approximately two days ago, Meta made headlines once again, but not for positive reasons. Its services, including Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, experienced an outage lasting nearly one and a half hours. Notably, its instant messaging platform WhatsApp remained unaffected. Elon Musk and his platform X also criticized Meta for the outage.

The tech industry continues to be in a bad shape

According to, a tech industry job cuts tracking website, nearly 50,000 tech workers have faced layoffs so far in 2024, which is around 20% of the total layoffs from the previous year. This worrying trend shows a persistent rise in job cuts within the sector. This indeed raises concerns about the stability of employment in the tech industry.