Meta Quest is pushing everyone to reverify their age: Here's why

Meta, the parent company of Oculus, has introduced a new protocol for age verification to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 headsets. This process will make sure that every user has appropriate age settings set up on their accounts. Users get a prompt in their headset to input their birthdate and then have a brief setup for privacy settings.

Meta adds age verification for Quest headsets to deliver age-appropriate content to preteens

When this prompt comes up, Meta says users will have thirty days to enter their birthdate. If not done within this time frame, the company will block their account until the information is provided. Nevertheless, Meta affirms that only users who have verified their age in account settings can see someone else’s birthday.

The decision by the company to incorporate this system of age checks is one step towards increased safety, keeping things appropriate for different age groups within the VR ecosystem. By recording ages accurately from now on, Meta plans to let developers catalog apps suitably for preteens, teenagers, and adults.

Parents should thus trust that what their children access online corresponds with these standards. Meta also launched a new type of account last summer specifically tailored for preteens aged between 10 – 12 years after lowering the minimum use requirement from thirteen years.

Parental control over app downloads and installations along with blocking apps/games is also possible for stricter privacy and content settings. Moreover, Meta offers teen accounts. They are initially private and manageable by parents though having slightly fewer restrictions as compared to preteen accounts.

Age group API will help developers tailor VR apps according to varying ages

Adult accounts can either be set as public or private but default to public upon creation. However, these settings can change after initial setup. To facilitate adherence and confidentiality, user Age Group APIs developed by Meta enable developers to tailor in-app adjustments depending on targeted individuals’ ages.

The introduction of an age verification prompt reflects Meta’s ongoing commitment to making VR safe and enjoyable across all ages. Thereby, Meta aims to foster responsible usage with personalized experiences that put user safety first.

Meta Age verificationMeta Age verification
Credits: Meta