Meta's Threads now counts 150 million monthly users

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Meta’s Threads launched less than a year ago. The initial launch was back in early July 2023. Having said that, the platform grew immensely fast at first, but in time, the growth slowed down. With that in mind, Threads now crossed another user threshold, it now counts 150 million monthly users.

Meta’s Threads now has 150 million monthly active users

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed this while adding that this is a 20 million user increase since February. Those are not bad numbers at all, 20 million more monthly active users in only two months. Zuckerberg also added that the app “continues to be on the trajectory that I hope to see”.

Just to give you an idea of how fast Threads grew at first. The app managed to acquire 100 million downloads in its first week, and it wasn’t even available in the EU at first. It did become available in that region, but only later on.

Threads did see a drop-off in engagement later on, which was to be expected after such explosive growth. Still, over the last six months, Threads has seen consistent growth, based on what was shared.

Based on some metrics, Threads is out-performing X

Engadget reports, that, based on some metrics, Threads is even out-performing X (formerly known as Twitter). Based on some estimates from Apptopia, Threads has more daily users in the United States than X. This was actually reported by Business Insider recently.

Threads still doesn’t have advertising, unlike Meta’s other apps/services. Therefore Meta is not making money directly from that app. That’s also one of the reasons some users prefer to use it, actually, it’s a very nice experience.

Do note that the situation will likely change at some point in the future. Meta will bring ads over to Threads, we just don’t know when exactly. We presume that they’ll be implemented in a similar fashion as on Facebook and/or Instagram. Zuckerberg himself said that Meta will “focus on monetization” once the app grew to a certain degree.