Microsoft's revamped Windows 11 Copilot app looks like ChatGPT

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Microsoft is accused of copying the ChatGPT app’s UI for its new Copilot app for Windows 11. The company recently took the stage at the Build 2024 event to showcase AI features and multiple changes coming to its apps including the revamped Copilot app for Windows 11. However, Windows Insiders who tested the revamped Copilot app reportedly found several similarities with the ChatGPT app, especially the UI part of it.

Microsoft accused of using ChatGPT-inspired design for its revamped Copilot app for Windows 11

According to Windows Latest, there are many similarities between the ChatGPT app and the new Copilot app. This includes a side menu on the left with a chat history which is also visible in the ChatGPT app. Colors aside, much of the Copilot app’s UI gives a similar vibe to the ChatGPT app.

That said, one can’t entirely blame Microsoft for using a ChatGPT-inspired layout for its Copilot app for Windows 11. While the exact reason behind this is unknown, one possibility is there. Onboarding an existing and popular app UI in the market could help users get familiar with the new app. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the tech giant could have done better with the design.

There are a few UI changes exclusive to the revamped Copilot app, though

It is worth noting that a few UI changes are exclusive to the revamped Copilot app for Windows 11. If you have used the ChatGPT app before, you might have noticed the accounts label at the bottom left corner. However, Microsoft seemingly tweaked the design a little bit for this part.

The account label in the dedicated Copilot app is placed at the top right corner of the app’s interface. Whereas, the bottom left corner has Notebooks and Plugins options. Since the app is still in the testing phase, it is possible that Microsoft could add an exclusive touch to the Copilot app before the public release.

Apart from UI changes, the revamped Copliot app for Windows 11 is now fully dockable and doesn’t just stick to the side of your desktop. This also means you can easily move and resize the app’s window. Also, the icon of the Copilot app is now visible at the center of Windows 11’s taskbar. Earlier, you could see the app’s icon on the far right of the taskbar. Lastly, if you are eager to test the revamped Copilot app for Windows 11, sign up for the Windows Insiders program.