More Evidence that Apple will soon announce the new Beats Pill Speaker

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For quite some time, we’ve been seeing celebrities walking around with the new Beats Pill Speaker, and now we have just seen it pass through the FCC. This is the last step before it gets announced and goes on sale. The Beats Pill Speaker is also mentioned in the iOS 17.5 RC build, which means that it could be launching very soon.

With WWDC around the corner, many might think it’ll launch then, but that would be a bizarre time to announce the Beats Pill Speaker. Unless it has something to do with the revamped Siri that we’ve been hearing about. But I’d bet on it being announced in a press release in the next couple of months.

Apple discontinued the Beats Pill in 2022

The original Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker was launched by Beats back in 2012, well before Apple bought the company. He was a pretty popular speaker for the company and well-received. However, Apple decided to discontinue it in 2022 with no replacement. Now, the company is planning to launch a new revamped version of the speaker.

Given that it’s been about 12 years between launches, we’d expect some rather major changes to the Beats Pill. It’ll likely use Bluetooth for connectivity, but it remains unclear if Apple will add AirPlay or possible Cast functionality. Apple tends to add functionality that works for both Android and iOS on its Beats products. So it would not surprise me to see Google Cast and Apple AirPlay available here. After all, the Beats headphones all work with Google’s Fast Pair feature.

Apple has already launched a new pair of headphones and earbuds for the Beats brand. So it’s looking like this is going to be a big year for Beats. There are the new Beats Solo 4 and the Beats Solo Buds – the latter of which I believe will be a pretty popular pair of earbuds, seeing as they are only $79.