More PS5 storage! Grab the WD_Black SN850P SSD for $120

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If you have a PS5 then get ready to enjoy more storage for less, because Best Buy has a great deal on the WD_Black SN850P NVMe SSD from Western Digital. The 1TB model of the SSD regularly retails for $169.99, but you can currently pick it up for $120. This is the model that comes with the heatsink so it meets Sony’s requirements. It also comes with maximum sequential read speeds of 7300MB/s and max sequential write speeds of 6300 MB/s. This is blazing fast for a secondary PS5 SSD and it’s going to help with reduced load times in games and loading screens, and faster rendering of textures.

Best Buy also has the 2TB and 4TB models of this drive on sale, with prices coming down to $210 for the 2TB model and $370 for the 4TB model. The regular prices for these variants are $270 and $500 respectively. I am personally now using the 4TB model of the WD_Black SN850P in my own PS5 and games load incredibly fast. 4TB is also a ton of extra storage space so I will never have to worry about running out of room for PS5 games again. Likely for the entire PS5 lifecycle.

If you want my recommendation, the 4TB model is the best value here. You get all that extra room and the SSD is normally $500. So to get it for $370 is a steal. That being said, if you don’t need that much extra storage or you simply don’t want to spend that much money, the 1TB model is a major bargain too. Worth noting is that Amazon also seems to be matching the price on the 1TB model. However, it has both the 2TB and 4TB models for less. The 2TB model is down to $190 while the 4TB model is down to $340. So if you’re going for either of those two, we recommend grabbing them at Amazon to save a little more money.

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