Motorola teases Razr announcement for Next Week

motorola razr 2024 teaser


Motorola has just published a teaser on its X account, showing what looks like a new Razr device that we can expect to see announced next week. The teaser talks about “Flip the Script” and also shows off what looks like a new Razr device, ending the short video with the date “06.25.24” which is going to be next Tuesday.

In the video, we also see a set of seven different colors for the new Razr. Now, this could be for the regular Razr and the Razr+ or Razr Ultra, whichever name they go with this year. Last year, Motorola announced the Razr and Razr+ in the US (Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra elsewhere). So, we’d expect Motorola to do something similar this year.

We can also see that there is going to be a faux leather finish on at least some of the colors this year. With the Motorola Razr+ last year, we only got a faux leather backing on the Viva Magneta color, which was exclusive to T-Mobile. At the same time, the others were a brushed finish. However, the regular Razr did have faux leather in every color.

Motorola’s 2024 Razr could give Samsung a real run for its money in the US

In the US, Samsung has kind of gotten set in its ways, especially regarding foldables. As there really isn’t much competition in the US. There’s Motorola with the Razr, which, until last year, was mostly an afterthought. Then there are OnePlus and Google, which have book-style foldables. But with the 2024 Razr, Motorola could really make Samsung earn its foldable sales this year.

With the Razr+ last year, Motorola introduced a full-screen experience on the outside of the phone, which allowed users to run virtually any app they wanted. We expect Motorola to build on that this year, too.