Motorola's Smart Connect enables content sharing across devices

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Today as part of Mobile World Congress, Motorola and Lenovo are announcing a new software called Smart Connect. You can think of it as a unification software for content sharing because that’s exactly what it is. Smart Connect is all about making your life easier and helping you streamline your workflow and entertainment.

But that’s really just the essence of what it is in its simplest terms. Smart Connect opens up a whole of possibilities for everybody who uses Motorola and Lenovo devices. From students to professionals to content creators, and yes even gamers. What does it do exactly? Well, that’s the magic of it. With Smart Connect, you can share your content across all of your screens. Say you have a Lenovo laptop, for example. But you also have a Lenovo tablet and a Motorola smartphone.

The software makes it effortless to bring up those tasks on any one of the devices you own. Motorola does note that your device does need to be compatible, though. For now, this will be limited to Lenovo laptops, and on some tablets and Motorola smartphones. The tablets and smartphones will be “select models, but Lenovo laptop owners are pretty much good as long as it’s a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 or later.

Motorola and Lenovo make multi-device experiences seamless with Smart Connect

So the Smart Connect software sounds cool in theory but you might be wondering what it actually does for you. It offers quite a few features. This includes a smart clipboard, swiping to stream video, an instant hotspot, and even notification sync. There are more features as well, such as a webcam and a share hub feature, and something that Motorola and Lenovo are calling Cross Control.

Cross Control might be one of the more convenient features. Especially if you’re someone who uses multiple devices for work or anything else, and you dislike clutter or needless complexity. Cross Control makes it possible for you to use a single mouse and keyboard for controlling your PC, smartphone, and tablet. Now you can already do this technically. You could use a Bluetooth keyboard that will connect to all three of them. But that’s not really what Cross Control is about.

What it really does is allow you to use one mouse and keyboard across all three of those devices at the same time. So you can be working on a document on your PC, but then move the mouse cursor over to your tablet and get a file stored there that you want on the PC document. All the while interacting with a video call on your phone.

Another neat feature is the swipe-to-stream function. Say you’re watching your favorite show on your smartphone while commuting home, but then want to transition to your PC because it’s a bigger screen. No problem. With Smart Connect, you can swipe your content from your phone to your PC and continue watching where you left off. All without an interruption. And that’s the key detail. Without an interruption. No reloading the website version of a service after closing out the app on your phone. Just swipe and the content continues playing on a new screen.

Motorola and Lenovo will launch this new software in the coming months, and details about device compatibility will be announced around the same time.