MP Munir Zulu kicked out of Parliament in Zambia

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BARELY 24 hours after Speaker Nelly Mutti’s directive against traditional wear in Parliament, Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu has defied the order, leading to his suspension from Parliament.

The speaker has since named Mr Zulu for grossly disorderly behavior, stating that he had deliberately defied the guidance given yesterday.

This was after Mr Zulu was spotted in Parliament wearing a traditional attire of the people of Luapula.

“I am sure honourable member for Lumezi knows the dress code. And yesterday Members were guided so honourable member for Lumezi is deliberately defying the order and guidance given. Under the circumstances, honourable Member for Lumezi, I will name you,” she said.

“Mr Munir Zulu I find your behaviour grossly disorderly and sending you away for today’s sitting is insufficient. I therefore in accordance with standing order 208 name you,” she said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mutale Nalumango says those threatening to have free education removed are irresponsible and should not be trusted.

Mrs Nalumango said free education is not an area to tamper with as it has given hope to many vulnerable children.

Mrs Nalumango was responding to a concern raised by Kabwe central Member of Parliament Chrizoster Phiri Halwindi during the Vice President question session ,who expressed concern by some leaders commenting that they will remove the free education policy.

However, Mrs Nalumango said it is unbelievable and saddening to hear some leaders utter such comments.

“It is actually unbelievable that any leader in any country would stand to fight free education.You truly want children to remain on the streets? You want the girl child to marry at 14-years old because they cannot go to school? You want boys to be fluffies or junkies? Free education has given hope, or did you want to be the only ones whose children go to school so that you continue to do wrong things? Therefore, it is irresponsible for anyone to declare that,” she said.

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