MultiChoice Announces New Prices For DSTV And GOtv Subscriptions [Full List]



Multichoice Nigeria, the parent company of DStv and GOtv, has revealed an impending price adjustment for its subscription packages, effective from May 1, 2024.

This adjustment comes several months after the last revision in pricing.

Statement Highlights:

  • Reason for Price Adjustment: In a statement titled, ‘Price Adjustment on DStv and GOtv Packages,’ Multichoice acknowledged the forthcoming changes, attributing them to the escalating costs associated with business operations.
  • Commitment to Quality: Despite the inevitable impact on customers, Multichoice reaffirmed its dedication to furnishing top-tier entertainment and viewing experiences. The company pledged to uphold its standards of delivering premium content and unmatched service.

The statement partly reads, “On Wednesday, 1 May 2024 we will adjust our prices across all our packages on DStv and GOtv.

“We understand the impact this change may have on you our valued customer, but the rise in the cost of business operations has led us to make this difficult decision.

“It remains our mission to provide the best entertainment and viewing experience to you and are committed to continue to deliver high-quality content and unparalleled service.”

Cable TV blamed the latest increase on the “rise in the cost of business operations.

New Prices for DStv Packages:

  • Premium: N37,000
  • Compact Plus: N25,000
  • Compact: N15,700
  • Confam: N9,300
  • Yanga: N5,100
  • Padi: N3,600
  • HDPVR Access Service: N5,000
  • XtraView: N5,000

New Prices for GOtv Packages:

  • Supa+: N15,700
  • Supa: N9,600
  • Max: N7,200
  • Jolli: N4,850
  • Jinja: N3,300
  • Smallie: N1,575

The adjustment reflects Multichoice’s strategy to navigate the evolving economic landscape while ensuring the sustenance of quality service provision.

Subscribers are urged to familiarize themselves with the updated pricing structure to align their subscription preferences accordingly.