My father passed away because we couldn’t pay for N70,000 hospital bed space – Odumodublvck reveals

  • Rapper Odumodublvck revealed that he lost his father to death due to a financial struggle to pay N70,000 for hospital bed space.
  • The rapper shares his early struggles as a struggling artist, including losing his father due to his family’s inability to afford a hospital bed.

Rapper Odumodublvck has shared his story of losing his father to death because he was unable to pay N70,000 for a hospital bed.

In his early career as a struggling artist, the rapper has told stories about how his family’s inability to pay N70,000 for a hospital bed caused him to lose his father.

He said they had to bring his father home to die because of their financial situation at the time.

Because of his challenging upbringing, the singer of “Declan Rice” conveyed his strong belief that no musician paved the way for him to reach success in music.

He acknowledged that other rappers had inspired him, even though no musician paved the way for him.

On his X handle on Wednesday, Odumodublvck wrote: “When my father died my family was poor. We could not pay hospital bed space of 70k [N70,000]. We had to take him home.

“Coming to tell me about paving the way for me? That’s God, brother. No use your ego counter reason my reality, bros.
“I agree say you inspire me. But bros, you pave the way for nobody. Nobody!

“I hate when n*ggas try to play God.”