“My manhood isn’t rising again because of Nigeria’s problems” – Charly Boy

charly boy

Charly Boy, a Nigerian veteran performer and media figure, has revealed that his masculinity has not grown as a result of Nigeria’s troubles.

Charly Boy recently appeared as a guest on The Discourse With Ken, a Classic FM radio feature, where he accepted responsibility for the country’s current state and expressed his deep discontent.

“I am the president of all frustrated Nigerians, na me. My frustration level is very high because I’ve had my own portion of suffering. I’m sure the reason my p**is doesn’t rise is because of the situation of this country,” he said.

Charly urged Nigerians to take responsibility for their faults and warned against blaming the political elites, whom he dubbed the “ruiners of Nigeria.”

“In this Nigeria, our ‘ruiners of Nigeria’ I don’t want to call them leaders, contribute to our current problems but our people don’t want to hear the truth. The truth is it is high time we stopped blaming these people. If we had taken the right kind of action this wouldn’t have happened,” said Charly Boy.

He expressed heartfelt remorse for his generation’s previous misdeeds and stated that nothing was done to prevent the issues that exist now from beginning all those years ago.

He said, “I want to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of people in my generation because a majority of us were missing in action. We had seen the issues coming right from the military regime, no be today. And most of us, the time that we should have done something, we didn’t now look as criminals have taken over our space and to get them out is a problem.”