“My money is our money, her money is her money” Sheggz speaks on his relationship with Bella

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In a recent development, Sheggz Oluseomo, former BBN star, has, in a recent interview with Tolani Baj and Moet Abebe, spoken out about his relationship with Bella Okagbue.

When asked about his take on going 50-50 in a relationship, he expressed that he is not a believer of going 50-50 in a relationship. He further, expressed that he was somebody who would always be drawn to ladies who were ambitious and goal-driven, and he happened to have a woman who made her own money and was very successful.

However, he revealed that even though he was with a woman who made her own money, he still primarily provided for them. He went on to state that the money that he makes , is their money. However, whatever money she makes is for her and herself alone, but he is open to little contributions every now and then.

Also recall that during this same interview, he had also spoken out about how he deals with getting accosted by different girls. He opened up about his decision to remain faithful to his girlfriend, Bella. He stated that he does not cheat because he would never be comfortable if his woman does it to him.

This was in response to the question of how he handles ladies who might find him attractive and want to start something with him. He also noted that Bella trusted him 100% and he, in turn, returned the favour.