“N187K saved” – husband neatly braids her wife’s hair in UK as they saves £100

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A Nigerian woman residing in the UK received a beautifully braided hairstyle from her husband, which resulted in saving approximately N187K (£100) that she would have spent at a salon.

This act of her Nigerian husband has garnered praise on social media, with netizens considering it a rare and thoughtful gesture.

The woman, known as @bettyslick, shared a TikTok video showcasing her husband skillfully braiding her hair, emphasizing the cost-saving aspect.

In the video, her determined husband diligently worked on creating the intricate braids while she captured the moment on her phone.

The caption accompanying the video read, “How my husband saved me £100 from going to the salon in the UK.”

Reacting to ...;

AjifolakeAjala stated: “Husband of the year.”

ABEKE reacted: “On behalf of the sisterhood we’re proud of your husband.”

Miz Hass¥ wrote: “Husband sisterhood is proud of you some of us our husband can’t look for they’re AirPods without help.”

Peggy penned: “Pls which app did u download ur husband from or which market did u buy him from.”

Juliana wrote: “He did so well but this is not what we would give you for £100 shaa you deserve premium and straight braids.”