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NAFDAC cracks down on unregistered sachet water factories in Anambra  

The National Agency for Food Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has shut down several unregistered sachet water production factories in Anambra State in a move to safeguard public health.  

According to Louis Mmadubuatta, the Coordinator of NAFDAC in Anambra, the targeted companies were found to be producing water in unsanitary conditions and operating without adhering to regulatory standards.  

Speaking to the press in Awka, Mmadubuatta emphasized that the closure of these establishments is part of the agency’s routine surveillance aimed at ensuring the well-being of the public. 

While keeping the specific locations confidential for strategic reasons, the NAFDAC Coordinator issued a stern warning to companies involved in illegal manufacturing of table water and other regulated products. 

He urged them to register their products with NAFDAC promptly and emphasized the importance of renewing expired licenses. 

NAFDAC encouraged members of the public to play a role in ensuring the safety of table water products by providing information on illegal production activities in their neighborhoods.  

Assuring anonymity to informants, Mmadubuatta emphasized the need for consumers to scrutinize product details, including the product name, production and expiry dates, NAFDAC number, and batch number. If any doubts arise, consumers are urged to contact the agency for clarification.