NBS Names Most Expensive States To Live In Nigeria (FULL LIST)

NBS has named the most expensive states to live in Nigeria.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that Kogi, Bauchi, and Oyo are the three most expensive states to live in Nigeria on a year-on-year basis after recording the highest in items inflation.


However, on a month-on-month basis, Lagos, Ondo, and Edo are the most expensive states in Nigeria.



This is according to the National Bureau of Statistics’s latest April consumer price index and inflation report.

According to the report, Kogi state has 40.84 per cent of all items in inflation, Bauchi (39.91 per cent), and Oyo (38.37 per cent).


Conversely, Borno (26.09 per cent), Benue (27.53 per cent), and Taraba (28.69 per cent) recorded the slowest rise in Headline inflation on a Year-on-Year basis.


Meanwhile, on a month-on-month basis, April 2024 recorded the highest increases in Lagos (4.52 per cent), Ondo (3.35 per cent), and Edo (3.27 per cent), while Kano (0.30 per cent), Ebonyi (0.97 per cent), and Adamawa (1.25 per cent) recorded the slowest rise in Month-on-Month inflation.