New HONOR flip phone appears before first one even launched

HONOR flip phone patent design 10.webp

HONOR’s new flip phone design appeared before the first one even launched. As we’re waiting for the HONOR V Flip to arrive, the company’s (possibly) second flip phone appeared over at CNIPA.

New HONOR flip phone has just appeared before the first one’s launch

This is just a design patent at this point in time, but it could easily become the company’s second flip phone. If you take a look at the images provided below the article, you’ll get to see the design itself.

As you can see, the overall design is quite different than the one reported for the HONOR Magic V Flip. A large cover screen is included on the back, though there is a pill-shaped camera hole in the corner of it.

The HONOR Magic V Flip is also expected to have a large cover display, but an entirely different-looking camera island. It’ll likely come with a round camera island or a vertical one, based on reports, at least.

This handset has a somewhat interesting design

What’s interesting with this new design is that is the corners of the phone. They’re different than what we’re seeing on the market when it comes to phones in general. You’ll see that they’re cut off, basically. There’s a flat line going across the corner.

The inner (foldable) display has a centered display camera hole at the top. It also includes thin bezels around the display. All the physical buttons sit on the right-hand side of the device.

We’re not really sure if HONOR will use this design at all, of course. This is just a design patent at this point, but the company could easily utilize it for a future foldable, of course.

The HONOR Magic V Flip is expected to launch soon, but we’re still not sure when. Some reports suggested it could arrive alongside the HONOR 200 series on June 12. That’s not as likely, as HONOR didn’t really tease that phone in any way, shape, or form for that launch event. The company is likely planning an event for later on.