New OLED iPad Pros are Coming Next Week

Apple iPad Pro AM AH 1 jpg.webp

This morning, Apple released refreshed MacBook Air models with the M3 chipset that debuted last year. But that’s not all that Apple has in store for us this month. Mark Gurman, via Bloomberg, has said that we should expect new OLED iPad Pro’s, new Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard updates coming very soon. These are slated to launch over the next several weeks.

Gurman also tweeted that this week was planned to have a minor refresh – that looks to be the M3 MacBook Airs, which are up for pre-order now and will start shipping on Friday. He also notes that we don’t expect to see a launch event for the OLED iPad Pro, which is a bit odd since this is going to be a huge update and will likely sport a redesign of some sort.

Now, Apple could opt to release a new product every day this week. The company has done this before; instead of holding an event, simply push out a press release for three days straight. So the new iPad Pros could come tomorrow.

Gurman also noted that Apple Stores have a very low inventory of MacBook Airs and iPad Pros. Which usually means those are getting released sooner rather than later. Obviously, the MacBook Air had already been released, so the next would be iPad Pro.

This would be the first iPad Pro revamp since 2018

The iPad Pro has basically stayed the same since 2018, when it moved to the current design we have now. Which sports thin bezels and no physical home button. It would also be the first OLED iPad ever from Apple. Currently, Apple only uses OLED on the iPhone and the Vision Pro (which uses micro-OLED).

It’s unclear if there will be any further design changes to the iPad Pro other than it getting an OLED panel. It is expected to stick with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes. The move to OLED is going to be a big one, coming from an LCD panel. That’s also likely going to come with a hefty price tag. Rumors are pointing towards the 11-inch iPad Pro with OLED to start at $1,500.

Additionally, the Magic Keyboard is due for a revamp, the first of its kind since it launched in 2020. Quite a few new Apple products are on their way in the next few days and weeks.