Next-gen OPPO Find flagships will go global: Official

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Next-gen OPPO Find flagships will go global, the company has confirmed. When I say “go global”, I mean come in global variants, and launch at least in Europe. At least that’s the information the company shared.

Next-gen OPPO Find flagships will go global, the company has confirmed

This comes from the company executives who confirmed the news during MWC 2024, GSM Arena reports. This unfortunately means that the OPPO Find X7 Ultra won’t get a global variant, unfortunately.

The OPPO Find X7 Ultra is one of the best smartphones we’ve used to date. It has been highly praised since its launch for a good reason. It’s a real shame it did not launch globally. Now we basically know that it won’t arrive in a global variant at all.

That being said, the exact words that OPPO executives used were “upcoming gen of Find series”. We’re not sure if they meant the OPPO Find X8 series or the OPPO Find N4 series. If we had to guess, I’d say that the OPPO Find X8 series.

Why? Well, the OPPO Find N3 did arrive in a global variant. It launched instead of the OnePlus Open in a number of markets, and we’ve reviewed that model with global software. It arrived to the Phillippines, for example.

The company’s execs were almost certainly talking about the OPPO Find X8 series

So, considering that there is already a global variant of the Find N3, it’s safe to assume that the Find N4 will arrive to global markets too. That’s probably not what the executives meant. I’m pretty sure they were referring to the OPPO Find X8 series.

The bad news is, however, that the OPPO Find X8 series is not expected to launch until January next year. So we’re in for quite a wait. You can still try to import the OPPO Find X7 Ultra, though, as it works perfectly fine once you install the Google Play Store.

There are some limitations that come with the software made for China, but not nearly as much as on some other devices