Nickie Dabarbie insists Skiibii is a r!tual!st, claims Mayorkun sp!ked her drink

mayorkun skiibi nicki

Nickie Dabarbie, an embattled TikTok influencer, maintains on her charges against musician Skiibii, blaming Mayorkun for the alcohol that damaged her mind.

Amidst claims of ritualism, Nickie responds to a scary video posted by Skiibii, which shows her talking to herself and damaging the singer’s residence.

According to the dancer, the video was taken when she was earnestly pleading to be spared from the musician and his purported ritualist organisation.

She went on to say that before to the event, Mayorkun offered her a drink, and despite her refusal, Skiibii persisted in convincing her to take it, which was the beginning of her problems.

In her words:

“Mayor was there that night.. I also saw other artists But before the ritual they left I and Skiibii alone They all knew!! They all knew!! but Mayor was the one that made me drink the COFFEE He made a video confirming that the drink was good and skiibbii showed it to me to convince me to try it That was why I tried it!! I for stay my papa house.

“This dude kept convincing me that he’s nice And even without spending a dime I believed.. That’s how soft minded I am When I went there for the movie he told me to take my wig off that he wanted to see my face clearly.

“Then he touched my head some kinda way but I just didn’t want to believe he wasn’t who he was portraying But trust me my stars are intact!! I called them back to me!! The video you saw they made of me saying I’m running mad was just me praying, fighting spirits and speaking in tongues.”

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