Nigerian Female AI, Jadrolita Storms School with Hefty Bodyguards

Jadrolita 2

Jadrolita, better known as Jarvis, a well-known Nigerian human AI, made headlines when she was spotted walking around a school with heavy bodyguards.

The human AI, who recently made news after being recognised by the Nigerian Police Force, elicited strong emotions during a video shoot.

Jadrolita was observed on the school premises filming a video for one of her social media posts.

The highlight of the video, however, were the two hefty bodyguards who defended the young lady amidst the mob of students attempting to get near for photos.

While many people pondered having a protection detail, others were embarrassed by the necessity of moving about with one.

Some compared her to the infamous chef Chef Dammy, who tried the Guinness World Record and attended interviews with heavy bouncers despite failing to break the record.

Watch the video below …

Reacting to ...;

tonia.gram_ quizzed: “Why did I watch this thing and remember Chef Dammy all of a sudden? 😭”

evelyn____xx penned: “this is why I won’t make it in entertainment cause I’m even having second hand embarrassment just from watching this.”

officialmarleytiny said: “Human being de guide AI. Isn’t that concerning?.”

rizzy_dnd asked: “Ai Dy get security?? What’s going on ?”

djbey444 wrote: “She deserves it , she’s getting money o just find something to do with yourself and you will be good.”

b3rants_ said: “So i will see her now and want to snap pictures? What category of celebrity is she?”

legendpaapi said: “Awon eyan chef Dammy, small fame 50 body guards.”

kosykachichi noted: “As long as you are a known face, please have a body guard or use a facemask. Even we unknown faces dey watch our back.”