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Nigerian Man Hires Musical Band To Rubbish Fidelity Bank After Bank Refused To Refund Him Following a Debit

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The video, captioned ‘Man reportedly organizes a whole music band to curse out Fidelity Bank for debiting him and refusing to refund him,’ depicts a band positioned in front of a Fidelity Bank branch.

Nigerian man hires musical band to rubbish Fidelity Bank after bank refused to refund him following a debit
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Though the location of the bank and the individuals involved are not specified, the bank’s logo is clearly visible in the video as the man and the musical band perform at the bank’s entrance.

As the video circulates on social media, concerned individuals flock to the comments section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Gucciano: “If you Dey use only fidelity bank as your Main and only account just have it in mind that one day or very soon you go wash plate for fast food or where you go drink.”

Maryam Ajibade: “First bank I am coming let me get the band contact first.”

sophia: “airtime 500 that i bought from fidelity is getting to 1month no refund.”

Empire: “My 10400 dey their hand I dey come for them.”

Missy: “The fact say them use live band mean say fidelity don show this man shege banza.”

morenkeji21: “fidelity bank is the best since have been using it I no get any problems.”

Aijeba aeronwen witch: “na only me and one other person normal for this country ????????????watin be this.”

Legion: “Me and UBA very soon ???????? many transactions didn’t go but was debited i just Dey look them.”


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