Nigerians In South Africa Demand Justice For Nigerian Killed In South Africa

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The Nigerian Union in South Africa (NUSA) has called for a thorough investigation into the killing of a 43-year-old Nigerian national, Prince Ebuka, in Danielskuil, Northern Cape.

Naijaonpoint recalls that the tragic event, which occurred on Friday, has sparked outrage among the Nigerian community, with demands for justice and an end to police brutality.

NUSA’s National Publicity Secretary, Habib Miller, released a detailed statement condemning the incident and outlining a troubling pattern of police misconduct towards Nigerians in the region.

The statement highlighted the death of another Nigerian, Chika Anuino, under similar circumstances in Springs, Johannesburg, last month.

According to the statement, law enforcement officers forcibly entered Ebuka’s home, causing his wife, Joyce, to flee with their young child to avoid the ensuing violence.

Despite no drugs being found after a search of his home and a local waste dump, Ebuka was reportedly subjected to severe mistreatment that led to his death.

“Joyce’s account indicates a grave abuse of power by the police, who not only failed to find any illegal substances but also did not preserve the integrity of the crime scene,” Miller said.

The statement further criticized the police for their lack of transparency and refusal to allow the family to open a case docket.

It detailed how Joyce faced intimidation when she attempted to report her husband’s death.

NUSA’s call for justice was supported by the visit of Kgatelopele Local Municipality Mayor Irene Williams, who expressed shock and condolences at the crime scene.

She urged the community to remain calm and united in the face of this tragedy.

The Nigerian community has been advised to maintain faith in the legal process as efforts are made to address these issues systematically.

NUSA has vowed to stand with the victim’s family and ensure that justice is served.

Abdur-Rahman Balogun, spokesperson for the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive investigation and accountability for those found culpable.