Nigerians Reacts As Lady On Viral Video Beating 9-Month-Old Boy With Rod Is Arrested, Sadly The Baby Is D€ad

beaten kid

The wicked lady has been arrested, sadly the kid on whose behalf Nigerians raised alarm is dead.

Nigerians raised the alarm over a viral video showing a young lady beating a 9-month-old kid with a rod and stepping on him, her whereabout was not known at the time.

The information leading to how the kid died and where, how and when the lady was arrested is not known as at the time of filing this report.

The information was released by @lagospedia on Sunday evening.

“The lady that was seen maltreating a child , repeatedly stepping on him and beating him with a rod had been arrested ! But unfortunately the 9 month old baby is d€ad.”

Testimony Olamilekan
APRIL 22, 2024 AT 1:07 AM
This lady was not directly the killer to me the direct killer is the person doing the video while she busy carrying out the deed he or she could av stop and confronted her in time cos she would av been doing that

APRIL 22, 2024 AT 10:22 AM
Exactly, how can someone stand and be videoing this kinda atrocity. How could u stand there and be watching a baby being killed. U can’t stop it, or tell someone that can. U deserve to be in jail as an accomplice

Olarenwaju fatai
APRIL 22, 2024 AT 8:56 AM
The importance of social media has not been effectively utilize. The person that covered the scene should stopped the lady and at the same time get her arrested with evidence of the video coverage. I pray the scene is not swept under the carpet, let the lady and possibly the person that cover the scene face full wrath of the law.