Nigerians Urged To Stop Purchasing Black Market Fuel To Address Environmental Issues

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The Environmental Health Council of Nigeria (ECHON), in collaboration with 3DATX Africa, has encouraged citizens to avoid buying fuel from the black market as part of a joint initiative to tackle environmental issues and advocate for sustainable practices.

At a vehicular emission testing event held on Thursday in Abuja, the General Manager of 3DATX Africa, Matthew Sulieman, highlighted the detrimental impacts of black market fuel on vehicles and the environment.

He emphasized the significance of purchasing fuel from authorized sources to prevent vehicle damage and mitigate pollution levels.

This initiative forms a crucial component of a broader strategy to combat greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.

He explained that unlike in other countries, the benchmark for vehicular emission testing would be set high in Nigeria to ensure that cars meet the required standards.

Sulieman said, “There’s a lot of sulfur in the fuel, We’ll put the benchmark for failure a bit higher, but when you buy from the black market, and you come and you fail your test, and we say to you, look you failed, and it’s because of you’re using black market, so go to a petrol station and come back and you’ll get a pass, then we’re slowly educating people. We have to realize that buying black market fuel is even more expensive, it’s not the same like the petrol station.

“They mix things with it, and when they mix those things with it, it’s extra pollutants for the environment. So, that’s why I said we don’t need black market for fuel. Yes, we’re trying to educate Nigerians to stop polluting the environment by buying substandard goods, substandard fuel, putting it in your car, and we can prove it to you.

The Registrar of EHCON, Dr. Yakubu Baba, emphasized the importance of the project in monitoring greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Nigeria. He stated that EHCON will soon initiate vehicular emission testing on imported vehicles to determine their emission levels.