Nina Ivy shares how she almost named her son after her ex “Miracle”

Nina Ivy

Reality personality Nina Ivy has opened out about the challenges she faced during her pregnancy and her miraculous birth of her baby.

Nina Ivy spoke openly about her challenges and revealed that the experience led her to consider naming her son Miracle after her ex.

Nina Ivy spoke about her terrible experience with her son’s early birth in her reflection.

She revealed that her son, weighing only two pounds, was born after just six months of pregnancy.

In addition to her personal health issues, Nina Ivy’s claimed two-week coma following childbirth exacerbated the matter.

According to the reality personality, doctors informed her family that she did not have a decent chance of survival at this critical point.

Denzel, her baby, endured a horrific four months fighting for his life in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Nina Ivy described the horrific experience of struggling for her life while hooked to ventilators and life support equipment.

After two weeks, she woke from her coma against all odds, only to discover that her child had survived.

When Nina Ivy reflected on the incident, she said she had considered named her baby Miracle in honor of the unusual circumstances surrounding his birth.

Nonetheless, she elected not to do so due to concerns about potential reactions and trolling as a result of her involvement in the Big Brother Niger saga.