OnePlus 12 gets Repair mode with Android 15 Beta 1, with a catch

OnePlus 12 Review AM AH 15 jpg.webp

Google has released the Android 15 Beta 2 for Pixel devices, which users can install with a few easy steps. The company also released the Android 15 Beta 1 for a number of OEMs, which also includes OnePlus. The latest flagship from OnePlus, the OnePlus 12 has received the update. It offers users a Repair mode.

Repair mode makes it easy for you to protect your data during a repair process

For those unfamiliar, this is a feature that allows you to protect your privacy while sending your phone for repair without needing to wipe all data entirely. It allows the technician access to all core functionalities of the device, but not to your personal data.

However, this isn’t the first time we have seen the feature. In fact, Samsung rolled out a similar feature named “Maintenance mode” with OneUI 5 which is based on Android 13. Google also offered the Repair mode feature in Android 14 QPR1. Notably, OnePlus’s implementation is also named “Repair mode”.

Within ‘System & updates’ inside the Settings app of the OnePlus 12 running the Android 15 Beta update, you will find the new Repair mode. The feature description notes that the device will hide personal information including photos, videos, contacts, messaging, and chat.

The Repair mode in OnePlus 12 has a catch

However, the current implementation is not as seamless as we have already seen from the other two brands. As of now, the feature needs you to go through the setup process of the phone. It basically lets you create a new user.

When you exit repair mode, the phone will erase any data it has stored during the repair process. After you exit, your device will enter the same state it was in before you entered the repair mode.

While OnePlus’s current implementation still takes a couple of minutes to reach the home screen in repair mode, it’s still way better than backing up all your data, erasing all of it, and then restoring it. Hopefully, OnePlus will fix this minor inconvenience in Repair Mode before releasing it in the stable OxygenOS 15 update, if the feature is included at all. It is still in the testing phase, and the company may decide to discard it.