“Only A F00l Will Discriminate Against A Female Child”- Etinosa Idemudia Drags Harrysong for Mistreating His Wife

alexer etinosa harrysong

Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia responded to Harrysong and his wife Alex’s marital problems.

A few days ago, Harrysong’s wife agreed to an interview with Daddy Freeze in which she revealed how he mistreated her, accused her of being the only woman to bear him children, cheated on her, and repeatedly contaminated her sexually. Go HERE to read it.

Etinosa used her Instagram story to react to her story. A portion of her response says:

This is really sad, takes me back to when i was 22 and married a monster. Same hell, different devil. Dear parents, please let’s reduce the pressure to get married at such a tender age. A lot lf Men run away from 30+ old women and marry 20+ old women because they know they can bully them at ease. Parents need to do better in RAISING THEIR SONS!!! Damn!! I really used to have respect for that agbakpan

Only a fool will discriminate against a female child. In thus 2024? Is Okonjo Iweala a joke to you? Is Etinosa Idemudia a joke to you? Keep sleeping on the girl child you illiterate. On top how many properties wey you get sef wey you dey find male child. Her eggs dont determine gender, your cells do

Tell me what a male child represent, that i Etinosa Idemudia am not greater than and more? Do you know how many properties i own? How many of my father’s properties i control and how much of a pillar i am in my family