Oppo announces Air Glass 3 powered by AI at MWC 2024

Oppo Air Glass 3 Smart Glasses 2 jpg.webp

Oppo has just announced a pair of smart glasses at Mobile World Congress 2024 called the Air Glass 3, and they’re surprisingly inconspicuous for something that you wear on your face that also happens to be connected to the internet.

Remember smart glasses like Google Glass? Fitted with a camera and driven by the power of your smartphone’s internet connection? Well, these aren’t those. The Oppo Air Glass 3 smart glasses are like Google Glass in some ways, but they’re also considerably more advanced. That shouldn’t be surprising though given these have come more than a few years later. After all, there have been plenty of improvements made to this tech product category since back then. These also don’t feature a camera so they shouldn’t trip anyone’s privacy concerns.

In fact, it’s really not easy to tell these are smart glasses at all. Unless you were to put them on. The Air Glass 3 are capable of quite a few different things, or at least they will be if they ever make it to production. The pair shown off at Mobile World Congress this week is a prototype as noted by Android Authority, which means they aren’t available for consumer purchase. At least not yet. Oppo has launched older models of these before (although not globally). So there is a good chance these will be released at some point.

Oppo Air Glass 3 smart glasses can tap into an AI assistant

AI is starting to become the core of many new and existing tech products these days. In a lot of cases, this takes the form of an AI-powered digital assistant. Such as ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Copilot. The Air Glass 3 will come powered by an AI assistant as well. Although it won’t be either of those other options and it won’t be onboard. Instead, it’ll use Oppo’s own AndesGPT large language model. The glasses can use the AI to help with processing certain tasks, like searching for information or even setting up plans for a trip. As noted by Phone Arena, the AndesGPT isn’t built into the glasses, but rather into the AndesGPT app.

You’ll need to have these paired to an Oppo smartphone with the app for the glasses to take advantage of the AI features, Oppo says. Outside of AI, the Air Glass 3 can do loads of other things like allowing you to answer voice calls, reading messages, or playing music. Oppo is also reportedly planning to add features like navigation and translation in the future.