“Our lives will be lonely and miserable without you” – Alex Ekubo writes note to Last borns, reveals the vow he made for his younger siblings

Our lives will be lonely and miserable without you Alex Ekubo writes note to last borns Kemi Filani blog min

Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has written a note to last borns, noting their importance in the family.

The actor who has two younger siblings; a female age 16 and a brother, age 14, expressed love for last borns, as he noted how people’s lives will be lonely and miserable without them.

He admonished the elder siblings who haven’t spoken to their younger ones in a while to call them, forgive them, and love them as he noted how last borns need their elder ones and look up to them. He further admonished them to end all beef they had had with their younger siblings.

The light-skinned actor went on to preach on the importance of family as he revealed that he made a vow to himself to spend time with his younger siblings, no matter his work ethics.

“Today is World Last Born Day, these are mine, #AlexxEkuboYoungerSiblings my educated beggars, the children my parents left in my care. Maa’ma is 16 & Pappi is 14.
I’m sorry guys the proposed bill by the national assembly to ban “last borns” did not fly, the government says we have to find a way to peacefully co-exist with them, they are here to stay.
We love you, our lives will be lonely & miserable without you
That being said last borns tag your elder ones respectfully starting with something sweet, we the elder ones are sending you all money TODAY!
Elder ones, that haven’t spoken to their younger ones in a while pls call them today, forgive them love them, they need you more than you know, and look up to you & in many ways you can’t imagine.
Whatever beef you have, pls grill it & eat it.
One love keeps us together.
Family is everything, I made a vow to myself that no matter how busy I get, I’ll never be too busy & out of reach to my younger siblings, I’ll be their rock, their provider & their protector, no matter what.
They will always have a home in me.

I love mine, love yours. Xoxo”.

Alex Ekubo writes note to last borns

Last week, Alex had taken to social media to lament over his younger brother’s excessive demands, as he questioned what financial related issue a 15-years-old could have.

Sharing a screenshot between him and his brother, he voiced out over how his siblings want to finish him as he considers opening a GoFundMe for him.

Months back, Alex shared a message on the importance of family as he shared photos of his parents. He stated that those whose parents are still alive don’t know what God has done for them, as he opined that family comes first as everything else is secondary. Alex described his family as his life jacket in the stormy sea of life.

In a previous post, he had left many drooling as he shared rare family photos. Captioning the photos, Alex shared a powerful message on the importance of family, stating that it remains the greatest gift known to man and admonished his fans to love theirs.