Ovie Ossai uses Moses Bliss’ wife as example, discloses how a good wife should dress

Ovie Ossai Moses Bliss
  • Ovie Ossai, a prominent media personality, cites Moses Bliss’s wife as an example of how a good wife should dress.
  • The media aide to the Delta governor shared recent photos of Moses Bliss and his wife taken at a recent event.
  • He expressed his preference for the attire in the photos over the one she wore upon her arrival in Akwa-Ibom.

Ovie Ossai, a popular media figure, quotes singer Moses Bliss’ wife while discussing how a good wife should dress.

The Delta governor’s media aide shared photos of Moses Bliss and his wife from a recent event.

He stated that he likes the way she dress in the pictures than how she dressed when she arrived in Akwa-Ibom.

Ovie Ossai went on to say that the way she looked in the photos is how every good wife should dress.

He emphasized that any lady who wears in revealing clothing is unfit for marriage.

He said …“This is how a good wife or future wife should dress .

I love this particular dressing of Mrs Moses Bliss unlike the other day she arrived Akwa Ibom .

Any girl that dress in way of exposing any part of her body isn’t fit to be a wife.”

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