PDP NEC: Group Ask Atiku To Drop 2027 Ambition, Wants Wike Suspended

1713341414 Wike and Atiku

Ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party‘s (PDP) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting, the internal pressure group “PDP100% Loyalty” has voiced concerns about former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s future political ambitions and the current status of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike.

The group’s national chairman, Mr. Dennis Shima (JP), during a press conference in Abuja, called for decisive actions to be taken.

The group specifically requested the NEC to urge Atiku to relinquish his presidential ambitions for the 2027 elections to allow the party to progress.

“We further request Atiku Abubakar to support one of his many mentees across Nigeria to contest for PDP Presidential Tickets beginning from 2027,” Shima stated.

He appealed to Atiku to “accept this clarion call for him to be a statesman and kingmaker politically going forward.”

Moreover, the “PDP100% Loyalty” group also recommended the suspension of Nyesom Wike from the party due to his ongoing association with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and his role in the APC-led federal government.

“This is imperative because of Wike’s present role as Federal Minister and responsibilities in APC led Federal Government, which is alien to the character and ethics of PDP and also violates the Constitution of our great party,” Shima emphasised.

Shima highlighted the detrimental impact of both individuals’ actions on the party’s unity and effectiveness.

He remarked on the importance of adhering to the party’s constitution to maintain discipline and uphold democratic values within the PDP.

“These decisions, if taken by PDP NEC, will uphold, the rule of law, as a tenet, of democracy which PDP represents. This will also serve as a deterrent to those who potentially think that they can be made politically relevant today by PDP and later become more powerful than PDP laws and legitimate authorities in Nigeria,” he added.

As the PDP NEC meeting approaches, the calls for action by the “PDP100% Loyalty” group underline the internal challenges facing the party as it navigates its leadership and strategic direction ahead of the 2027 general elections.

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