Pebblebee has confirmed it will ship trackers out this month

pebblebee clip 2.webp

Pebblebee has confirmed that shipping of trackers will officially begin on May 27, 2024. This news comes after Pebblebee’s initial announcement that trackers for Android would start shipping in “late May.”

While not all pre-orders will necessarily go out on May 27th, it signifies the first day that customers can expect shipments to begin. This pebblebee tracker shipping date aligns with competitor Chipolo, who also announced May 27th as their launch date.

Pre-orders still open for Pebblebee’s diverse tracker range

Ahead of the shipping date, Pebblebee’s diverse range of trackers is still available for pre-order. These include the Pebblebee Tag, Card, and Clip, with prices starting at $29.99.

The Pebblebee Tag is a versatile option ideal for attaching to keys, bags, or anything else you might misplace. Its compact size ensures it won’t add bulk, while still offering reliable tracking functionality. For those who prioritize keeping track of the phone itself, the Pebblebee Card is a slim and unobtrusive option designed for wallets or phone cases.

Finally, the Pebblebee Clip is a clip-on tracker ideal for attaching to larger items like bikes or backpacks. The Clip’s secure attachment method provides peace of mind for valuable possessions.

Find My Device Network expands with Pebblebee integration

Pebblebee’s trackers integrate seamlessly with Android’s Find My Device network, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to locate nearby trackers. This makes it a breeze to find misplaced items within a short range.

For situations where your lost item is farther away, the Find My Device network leverages the power of the crowd. When a Pebblebee tracker is out of range of its owner’s phone, it can still be anonymously detected by other Android devices in the network. This collective effort significantly increases the chances of finding a lost item, even at a distance.

The addition of Pebblebee trackers to the Find My Device network offers more options to Android users for keeping track of their belongings. With their variety of trackers, competitive pricing, and the tracker shipping date fast approaching, Pebblebee is poised to become a major player in the Android lost-item tracking space.