Phyna Tenders Heart Felt Apology, After Calling Out Soft Drink Brand for Sending Expired Drinks to Her

phyna 3

Phyna, a reality Tv star has issued a public apology after incorrectly blaming a renowned soft drink manufacturer for reportedly delivering her expired drinks.

It should be noted that Phyna has been at odds with some of the organisers of the famous reality programme BBNaija for refusing to award her all of her prizes.

The producers of the popular soft drink, Pepsi, had delivered her some crates of drinks, which she displayed to demonstrate that they held to their own end of the promise.

However, she had wrongly reported the firm, claiming that they had delivered her expired drinks.

Having realized her mistake, she took to social media again to refute her earlier statement, noting that the error had been from their own end, and not the company, noting that the drinks are not expired.

She wrote …

“For ... earlier, it was an honest mistake from our end.

we couldn’t comprehend the taste, we had to look into the expiring date. Apologies!”