Pixel Watch 3 rumored to have larger 45mm size option

Google Pixel Watch 2 AH 14 jpg.webp

The Pixel Watch 3 is due to come in a larger size, and that size is said to be 45mm. Both the original Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 only come in a 41mm size option. This is perfectly fine and the watch isn’t exceedingly small or anything like that. But for some, a bigger size watch is preferred. 45mm is also around the same size as many other brands, such as Samsung, which already offer watch options with larger displays.

The smaller screen was a main complaint of users for both devices, especially since Google only offered one size. This includes our own Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 reviews. A bigger display for the next Pixel watch model was rumored earlier this year, but now the actual size of the display seems to have been confirmed via the new rumor.

The Pixel Watch 3 will come in a larger 45mm option

The Pixel Watch 3 coming with a larger 45mm case is bound to make the watch more enticing to buyers. It’ll also put the watch on par with other devices of the same caliber that come with bigger displays. Aside from the screen size, the Pixel Watch 2 was an excellent smartwatch running on Wear OS. So a bigger display would put Google’s new smartwatch that much further up the ladder in terms of popularity.

The rumor about the 45mm size comes from 9To5Google who also first reported the new watch coming in two sizes. The smaller size doesn’t appear to have been rumored yet. But it wouldn’t be surprising if Google stuck with 41mm for that one.

2nd Gen Pixel Buds Pro are on the way too

The Pixel Watch 3 isn’t the only new accessory Google is working on. According to the same rumor, a 2nd Gen Pixel Buds Pro is in the works as well. This would be a long time coming. Google released the first pair of Pixel Buds Pro way back in July of 2022. Since then, Google has made incremental updates to them through the Pixel feature drops, and it’s even released new colorways. But the hardware itself is due for an update.

There’s next to nothing that’s been mentioned about this new pair aside from them being in development, and that they’ve been in development for a while. That being said, if Google has been working on them for a while, there is a chance we could see these announced officially at Google’s upcoming I/O conference this year.