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Police warn Osun hunters against firearms misuse

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Osun State Police Command, on Wednesday, warned the residents, especially hunters against the misuse of firearms during hunting expeditions.

The Command said the warning was a sequel to a series of reports of accidental discharge which has led to the death of many people, while several others have also been injured in many of such circumstances.

It subsequently admonished the hunters to avoid putting loaded guns in their homes, as children or any other person could be tempted to play with them.

The statement signed by the spokesperson for the command, Yemisi Opalola, partly read, “The Osun State Police Command is constrained to caution/sensitize members of the public especially hunters on the use of guns for hunting.

“The command is confronted with incessant cases of accidental discharge or misfiring of guns which on several occasions has led to the death of human beings.

“The police command is using this medium to caution hunters on the need to abide by the rule(s) of a hunting expedition. Therefore, the command advises hunters to avoid putting loaded gun(s) in their homes as children or any other person could be tempted to play with them or test their level of inquisitiveness.

“Also, they should desist from loading their gun(s) in inhabited areas, to reduce the hazards of accidental discharge which is very dangerous to human lives. The Command further warned that such unwholesome act of negligence will not be treated with levity.”