Prayers And Declarations For March 2024

Prayers and declarations for March 2024 have been provided below, kindly pray these prayers and share with your loved ones. God Bless You Real Good.


Good morning World and welcome to March, the third month of the year 2024


A happy new month to you, your friends and your family from NaijaOnPoint Nigeria Team.


Being a new day of a new month, We have compiled these Prayers and Declarations for March 2024


Prayers And Declarations For March 2024


We decree!!!

This month shall be your month of testimony of all good things in Jesus’ name!

Your troubles are turned to testimonies in Jesus’ name!

Anything that made you sad, heaven turns it around for you in Jesus’ name!

The prayers you will pray this month, all shall be answered in Jesus’ name!

The heavens are under pressure to deliver answers to you.

The same God that turned Sarah’s barrenness to fruitfulness will make you fruitful this month in Jesus’ name!

That same God that turned her sadness to gladness will turn your sadness to gladness in Jesus’ name!

The same hand that divided the red sea is upon your life this month in Jesus’ name!

There shall be no more setbacks or sickness in your life this month in Jesus’ name!

We arrest every manipulation of darkness in your life in Jesus’ name!

Your closed doors are now open in Jesus’ name!

Whatever you set your hands to do will prosper in Jesus’ name!

Wherever you go, God will send helpers to you in Jesus’ name!

Your life is preserved from danger and troubles in Jesus’ name!

No one will be cut short in destiny in Jesus’ name!

All businesses and careers will rise to another level in Jesus’ name!

For everyone who has been waiting to be planted in a family of their own, receive your expectation in Jesus’ name!

That person that must fulfill your prayer of marital settlement in your life is under pressure to locate you now in Jesus’ name!

Let the mantle of intercession and prayer come upon you now in Jesus’ name!

The soul winning grace is upon your life in Jesus’ name!

You will serve the Lord your God and He will bless you and meet your expectations in Jesus’